Hair extensions not only give you good length and volume but they also make you look stylish and fashionable.
new look
Feather hair extensions are in many colors and designs that all are made to make you look different each time.
colors and designs
braid style
Along with this you can go for other styles as shown below.

colorful style
other styles
Enjoy a new look with new different Feather hair extensions and make all others wonder about your style statement.
Remy hair now become a gift for those ladies who loose or drop there important hair by themselves some people loose there hairs due to the disease like chemotherapy .Now Remy become very famous and helpful in such situation.

Why Remy Hair And Why It Is Best

Most of the people can’t be aware about the Remy hair they don’t know what it is basically and in what manner they track to hair extensions, Remy hair is very popular standard and it was describe many years ago that hair is gathered and transformed to a certain method. To completely understand about it you should know some facts about it to get it.

Most basic format of Remy hair is that hairs are gathered then it kept fix in one way or direction then it assures that cuticle is not altered or inverted. Cuticle is basically an external layer of human hair fine thread. If you are going to magnify this fine thread strand then you noticed that this layer resembles a lot with the scales of a fish. This layer is very protective and if hair is not gathered where this external layer is going in one way then cuticle can be work opposite to one another.

Moreover silicone is put on the cuticle then hair seems to be more healthy and shiny. Most of the time you can’t differentiate between this Remy and non Remy hair but when non Remy hairs are washed they start to tangle while Remy hair remains the same and stand with the time. Remy hair has a shiner texture and smoother appearance while non Remy hairs tangle after washed.

You can watch this video to understand about the Remy hair and get useful knowledge about it.

Different features of Remy Hair :

Virgin Remy Hair : It hasn’t been processed chemically and these hairs are fresh, real and natural.

Non virgin hair :  These hair are processed through some chemical to achieve a color

Single drawn Remy hair : It is basically created up for different lengths together with cuticles.

Double drawn Remy hair : It is very expensive because it ensures that the length of all hair is same and placed them in order.

Clip-on Remy Human Hair Extensions

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Normally, hair extensions can be used for increase the volume and length of your original hair; excessively it can be used when people are facing hair loss problems. Most of the times it can be used to add some textures to your hair and if you want to highlight your hair or low-light your hair it is a better way to use it. With your real hairs. Though, people who are fed up with their slow growing of hair they prefer to use hair extensions as they looks very trendy and safe. If you have your short hair style and you really like it but you distressed about the patches of baldness which is due to the excess hair loss then a short hair extension is a better choice for you, as it makes your short hair natural and better.

Some Short Hair Styles 

There are some common short hair styles and you can apply hair extensions for such short hair cut too, which looks difficult to manage but if you take some precaution you can increase your length in such kind of short hair cut just imaging the good work of it.

The Pixie Cut

Bob Hairstyle

Side Swept Hairstyles

Layered Hairstyles

Selecting Hair Extension For Short Hair

The biggest demanding for applying hair extensions for your short hair is the essential scalp hair must be bulky adequate to hide your hair extension fixing, particularly on condition of clip-on your hair extensions. Furthermore with short, if you feel that you have insufficient hair too, then you have to apply hair extensions to that thin and such a short hair length besides compounds the snag.

If you having a short hair style cut such as pixie haircut then might be you will face a problem while applying hair extensions to that hair type, for this you have to consult with professional when you are going to choose hair extensions.

You should be very careful or you need to take precautions while you are buying hair extensions for your short hair and it should be match with your original color to look natural. If there is a mismatch of your true color it will look fake hair indeed, also it will be more prominent if you have a short hair cut style.

Moreover you should be careful about the length of your hair extension selection, and it must be more convenient for your short hair. A too long hair extension looks fake and messy and becomes burden to your natural hair. So, it is better choice to go for short hair extension will be a best choice or opinion.

Some Before And After Results Of Hair Extensions

You can watch the video to see the before and after results of short hair extensions.


Take Care Of Your Hair

Today’s women seems to be very conscious for their long healthy hair and most women are fanatic about long hair, As long and shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair and people get inspired by long shiny hair and those girls grabs everyone attention by having such a gorgeous personality.

Market Products are not reliable this is the reason most ladies prefer to apply some remedies on hairs to maintain the health of hair and give nourishment to hair, these remedies are cheap and does not have any side effects and does not damage your hair quality.

Long Hair Styles

Here are some long hair styles which looks superb if you apply on yourself.  You can noticed that girls having long hair looks pretty.

Some Useful Tips For Long Hair

These tips are very useful for hairs after adopting it you can feel a change in yourself. By using it your hair becomes healthy,shine and longer and there is no any side effects of these tips.You can try it in your home these tips are very cheap that everyone can afford it easily.

Coconut Oil is also very good for hair growth and health. Try to use it and apply for one hour after it is absorbed in scalp then washed it off.

You can get your healthy hair by gentle massage on scalp for this try to use Mustard oil and hot oil and then massage, within few days your hair starts growing well and your hair loss problems can also be solved with it.

Try to eat food Protein based food such as eggs,fishes,yogurt ,beans,liver etc .Protein is very essential for hair as well as skin, take vegetables and fresh fruits as much as you can these are the natural things by taking it you feels healthy from inside.

Try to drink lots of water as every expert suggest you, it’s not only good for your hair but your over all body structure based on water.

For the hair extensions the simple directions for shampooing the hair extensions are provided with the implementations that may point out what kind of shampoo to make use of; the techniques to properly comb, and dry that are absolutely desirable; and what high temperature setting up to choose when wiping them, whether or not this is even desirable to perform so.

The majority human extensions could easily be handled as true hair, even though more lightly and gently. Considering the fact that hair extensions are commonly deeply manufactured to attain unvarying shade and surface, a gentle shampoo is suggested, in association with a mild conditioner to scale down tangling. Cold water is highly suggested when shampooing, in order to eliminate or put a stop to dryness and extreme twisting. Maintaining to clear away grumbles and twists removes the makeup of the implementations and additionally harms the hair.

The exact same treatment accepted when shampooing are required to also be consumed when designing non-natural hair. It's in many cases suggested that the surface of hair acquired must have the design in which the hair is attached. Using high temperature to straighten out curly hair, or to twist straight hair, injures them. The added harm the hair carry on, the more concise the life existence of the man-made hair.

Manufactured hair, and mixtures of fake hair and human hair, should be handled very smoothly when it definitely comes to high temperature designing. A number of time periods it is almost entirely undesirable. According to the structure of the manufactured filament, high temperature operating is a possibility at an extremely very low heat up. However, a lot of synthetics will fall apart, burn or twist when put through to the high temperature of a curling iron, flat iron, or blow-dryer. A number of agencies do produce stronger, human-like hair which experts state can be high temperature chemically processed.

Feather hair extensions could possibly be washed with the shampoo the exact same as traditional hair. Just about every hair products or services can be put to use in relation to the feathers hair extensions. Blow drying is unable to demolish these extensions either. In the event that, hair are brushed or combed, be moderate all over the hair extensions.