Remy hair now become a gift for those ladies who loose or drop there important hair by themselves some people loose there hairs due to the disease like chemotherapy .Now Remy become very famous and helpful in such situation.

Why Remy Hair And Why It Is Best

Most of the people can’t be aware about the Remy hair they don’t know what it is basically and in what manner they track to hair extensions, Remy hair is very popular standard and it was describe many years ago that hair is gathered and transformed to a certain method. To completely understand about it you should know some facts about it to get it.

Most basic format of Remy hair is that hairs are gathered then it kept fix in one way or direction then it assures that cuticle is not altered or inverted. Cuticle is basically an external layer of human hair fine thread. If you are going to magnify this fine thread strand then you noticed that this layer resembles a lot with the scales of a fish. This layer is very protective and if hair is not gathered where this external layer is going in one way then cuticle can be work opposite to one another.

Moreover silicone is put on the cuticle then hair seems to be more healthy and shiny. Most of the time you can’t differentiate between this Remy and non Remy hair but when non Remy hairs are washed they start to tangle while Remy hair remains the same and stand with the time. Remy hair has a shiner texture and smoother appearance while non Remy hairs tangle after washed.

You can watch this video to understand about the Remy hair and get useful knowledge about it.

Different features of Remy Hair :

Virgin Remy Hair : It hasn’t been processed chemically and these hairs are fresh, real and natural.

Non virgin hair :  These hair are processed through some chemical to achieve a color

Single drawn Remy hair : It is basically created up for different lengths together with cuticles.

Double drawn Remy hair : It is very expensive because it ensures that the length of all hair is same and placed them in order.

Clip-on Remy Human Hair Extensions

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